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Security Options for Your Luxury Home: Protecting Your New Investment

by Andrew Urban 01/05/2020

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

When it comes to protecting your high-value home in your absence, few things beat an actual living, breathing caretaker who lives on the grounds. And you'll score bonus points for hiring someone who's trained in fighting fires or apprehending invaders. Your second line of defense should be a local monitoring service that can respond on-site or that can dispatch first responders to your home should something happen while you're away. 

Security Is More Than Just Doors and Windows

The cost of your security system should increase with the value of your home, say the experts. It's no good to have a standard alarm system installed on a home that's worth a million dollars or more. High-value homes need increased security, including:

  • Monitoring of Doors and Windows
  • Monitoring of Perimeter Fences
  • Monitoring of Indoor Temperature and Humidity
  • Presence of Back-up Power Sources 
  • Presence of Indoor Sprinklers
  • Monitoring of Heat, Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Levels
  • If a pipe breaks or a basement floods in your luxury home, you should instantly be alerted. Likewise, if power to your home is interrupted. Having someone on site to keep an eye on things is paramount. Receiving alerts to your personal devices and having the ability to alert local authorities is also vital. 

    Begin With Thoughtful Construction

    The best home security begins with prevention, and this includes thoughtful construction as the site is being chosen and the home built. Homes built in storm belts need to meet additional specifications such as using reinforced glass on windows and doors and the addition of hurricane straps. Homes built in flood plains should be constructed on stilts or should at least allow space for water to flow under and around the home without breaching it. 

    Hiring professionals builders and contractors who are experienced in luxury home construction is key. And if you're buying a luxury home pre-built or opting for a historic mansion that was built a century ago, be prepared to upgrade and fortify it to deal with today's home security threats. 

    Be Discerning With Technology

    The more technology your home employs, the more opportunities bad guys have to hack into it. Technology is good, but you should have other fail-safes available in the event that it ultimately fails or worse -- it becomes the source of the intrusion. Today's newspapers are filled with horror stories from homeowners whose home security devices were hacked and used against them. Make sure your home tech is backed by a service that employs real humans who can respond in the event of an emergency.

    Securing your high-value home is a lot more complicated than it used to be, which is why a bigger investment is required. Play it safe and consult with professionals who have experience protecting luxury homes before purchasing a home security system and simply assuming it's good enough to do the job required. 

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